Intro: CDP

Chongqing Dog Project - First Chongqing Dog Breeding Program in the United States

The US Chongqing Dog Conservation Project: Initiated in 2017 the CDP is the first breeding program to introduce this unique and ancient breed, the Chinese Chongqing Dog, to the United States. Our foundation dogs have been carefully selected and entrusted to us from among the best dogs exported directly from the Chongqing Dog Conservation Center in China, and imported as the foundation of the first breeding program to establish the Chongqing Dog breed within the US. Undertaking the establishment of the first Chongqing Dog breeding program within the US, we have accepted the many responsibilities required in the introduction, preservation, and foundation for successful establishment of this breed.

Whether its establishing a structurally correct and healthy genetic foundation of dogs to establish the Chongqing Dog breed within the US, introducing this ancient Chinese breed to the United States and the rest of the world, working toward breed recognition with the UKC and AKC, founding the American Chongqing Dog Association as the US breed club, setting up the Chongqing Dog Registry & building the Pedigree Database within the US, exhibiting at shows, competing and performing at working events suited to this breed’s natural hunting skills and scenting ability, or attending canine events to give the public a chance to meet this amazing breed, the Chongqing Dog Project is positioned to provide a solid foundation of experience and expertise.

Our philosophy is that teamwork is a vitally important key to success.

We are well prepared to represent this ancient treasured Chinese breed through successful introduction and establishment within the United States, across the country, and around the world.

The Chongqing Dog Project is a collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned and designed to provide a well-bred, healthy, genetically diverse foundation of Chongqing Dogs with correct structure, type, and temperament, across in the United States within the next five years. This joint effort is a combination of effort and experience from a carefully selected group of well established reputable and experienced breeders, in addition to mentors drawing knowledge directly from the best breeders in China, and several individuals, club presidents, geneticists, and veterinarians within the US that share many combined years of extensive canine experience.

Together, as a group, we continue to make every effort possible to stay abreast of new advancements and work together as a unified team toward a common goal of establishing this ancient treasured Chinese Chongqing Dog breed with a solid foundation of well-bred dogs across the United States over the coming years.

Breed Information

Chinese Chongqing Dog

The Chongqing Dog is an rare and ancient natural breed that is said to have existed for 2,000 years since the Han Dynasty in ancient China. The breed is just beginning to gain recognition across the world, and is still rare even in China. They are used in China as a watchdog and guardian of the farmer’s house and family, and as a hunting hound for a variety of prey.

Chongqing Dogs, also known as the East Sichuan Hound in China, are mid sized dogs with a compact muscular body, naturally erect triangular shaped ears, and an erect bamboo-shoot like tail. They have strong character with an outgoing temperament, confident attitude, strong prey drive, combined with a wonderful quirky fun-loving playful twist. They make adventuresome and fun family dogs, love children, and will also serve as an alert and faithful family guard dog. Chongqing Dogs have high prey drive and excellent scenting abilities. Chongqing Dogs can hunt alone, or in a pack, for prey ranging in size from rabbits through badgers, foxes, boar, goats, deer, and small bear. They tend to have a long lifespan of up to 15 years. Chinese Chongqing Dog The Chongqing Dog breed is divided into three categories according to body size: small,  medium, and large. However, the three sizes within the same breed have a uniform standard.

Chongqing dogs are ancient mountain hunters, each according to local climate, topography, different prey, and breeding , which of course also includes certain factors of natural selection. Therefore, the three strains of dogs vary in height, skeleton, head shape and shape of mouth.
The overall appearance of a Chongqing Dog is that of a sturdy, compact body, lean, muscular, and highly explosive. The unique characteristics of the species in the world giving a lasting impression. Passionate, confident, fearless demeanor, showing bravery and loyalty. Overall gives a crisp, dignified, thoughtful, alert and elegant impression.

Small Chongqing Dog

Overall appearance: Small warren dog in Chongqing, also known as a mountain dog, a warren dog is a small dog, small in stature , muscular, explosive strength , excellent sense of smell , and world-class endurance . Hind legs slightly higher than the forelimbs, torso slightly forward , light and agile gait , dogs and bitches have fiery lightning attack speed. As the name suggests, warren dogs because of small stature are flexible enough to get into warrens, and dig holes into the ground of the mountains.
Working capacity: Suitable for digging holes and hunting prey mainly rabbits, woodchuck and other prey found in caves.
Coat: A hardy thick coat, thorny to the touch . Rusty red coat, dark brown is common.

Small Chongqing Dog Measurements:

Male : Height 35cm below the weight of 14kg or less ;
Female : Height 30cm or less , weight 12kg or less.
Neck length : about 8-10cm trunk length : about 30-35cm tail length : about 15-18cm

Medium Chongqing Dog:

Overall appearance: Chongqing Dogs are also called medium bamboo dogs and are a medium-sized dog, broad head and mouth, sturdy frame, muscular, explosive strength, strong sense of smell. Compared to the small Chongqing Dog more prominent head and body, but not too large and heavy.
Working capacity: Hunts well in the foothills of the bush , chases prey in the thick bush. Prey objects are badgers , foxes and other small prey.
Coat: Sparsely coated , coat is chunky tough dense, thorny touch . Colour diversification, dark brown is common, rust red, yellow, straw yellow, color of bamboo shell, including black scarce. Fur is more dense , suitable for hunting in the thorn bushes in the forest.

Medium Chongqing Dog Measurements:

Male : height between 35-45cm, weight 14-25kg,
Female : height between 30-40cm, weight 12-20kg.
Neck length : about 10-12cm trunk length : about 45-50cm tail length : about 18-20cm

Large Chongqing Dog

Overall appearance: Large, a stalwart figure. Muscular, with explosive strength , speed, endurance and world-class sense of smell . Looks fiercer than the other two sizes.
Working capacity: Fits into either open or mountainous landscape and forest. Speed kills its prey, hunting mainly boar, goats, deer, and other medium and large prey.
Coat: Sparsely coated, coat is rough, thorny touch . Rare leathery hair, glossy , in places hairless , back , abdominal ribs , legs , tail without much hair, skin can be seen . During puppy-hood they are mostly yellow and black , feet and ears and partial coat is yellow , the rest of the coat is black. The growth process will moult color, yellow and red after the adult body hair and thin. Generally like the color of rusty copper . Conducive to wind-dispersing heat. Suitable for slightly open forest, mountain, and high speed hunting.

Large Chongqing Dog Measurements:

Male : Height 45cm or more, weight 25kg or more ;
Female : Height 40cm or more, weight 20kg or more.
Neck length : about 12-14cm trunk length : about 45-55cm tail length : about 20-25cm

Chinese Chongqing Dog


ORIGIN: China.

Standard Size: Watchdog and Hunting Dog
Intermediate Size: Watchdog.and Hunting Dog
Miniature Size: Watchdog and Hunting Dog

The figure is of a dog among dogs, there are some small adult dogs as well as many intermediate and standard sized dogs weighing up to 30 kg, tall at the shoulder and the length ratio of about 1:1, ears held erect, tail erect like a bamboo shoot, held at an angle of 70 degrees. The breed is quick in action and clever, intense look. The big head with wide mouth, upright ears, upper lip hanging about 1cm, short snout, the entire face gives a sense of majesty. Inverted trapezoidal head to mouth, neck thick and powerful.

The Chongqing Dog is an ancient natural primitive dog. It is a masterpiece of nature, modelled by evolution and natural environment, going by the general conformation. It is a very attractive, slim and elegant dog, moderate in all aspects, that express speed, harmony and strength without appearing coarse, possess a clean cut outline, it has a well-proportioned body, chest is ample, ribs well sprung, tail is pointed like a bamboo shoot. There are two varieties in the breed, hairless and coated, both identical in conformation except for coat anddentition.

The body, measured from the point of shoulder to the point of buttock and from the highest point of the withers to the ground, is 1:1. Females may be slightly longer than males due to their reproductive function.
The skull and the muzzle are approximately of width 1:2.
Head type ratio: distance from the ear to the eye and eyes to the in front of the mouth about 3:2.
The length of the front leg and height ratio of 1:2 .
Tail -length of body: 1:3.
There are three sizes in the breed, all sturdy, well-muscled,with a spacious ribcage and moderate bone. The outline is rectangular and the distance from the elbow to the ground is equal to the distance from the withers to the elbow.
The Chongqing Dog is brave and confident, alert and intelligent. The breed is agile, has a strong desire to hunt .
The Chongqing Dog has an excellent, strong personality, full of spirit, an excellent guard dog and hunter. The dogs in the East have large, deep nostrils with a rich sense of smell, which can calm ,to complete precise tracking tasks, it is also a multi-purpose dog.

Skull: Wide, prominent.
Broad and strong, wedge-shaped.
Seen from above it is wide and elegant; tapering towards the muzzle with an occipital protuberance that is not well-defined. The skull and muzzle planes are almost parallel.
Stop: Slight, but well defined.
Nose: The nose should be black. It can be brown or pinkish in bronze-coloured dogs, spotted in spotted dogs.The nose flaps producing a whirring sound when tracking.
Muzzle: Seen from the side, the muzzle is straight and the upper and lower jaws are square and very strong The tongue is black or with blue flowers or mottled, which is a common characteristic of the breed. No flowers leads to a disqualification.
The tongue is always inside the mouth, a tongue hanging outside the mouth is disqualifying fault.
The color of the mouth is a blackish color, called black mouth folowed by pink.
The palate and oral walls are dark gray with gum being grey-brown.
Lips: Tight and close fitting.
Jaws / Teeth: Very strong jaws. The incisors should close in a scissor bite. set square to the jaw. A slightly undershot bite is also permitted but not more than 5mm.
Teeth never showing when mouth is closed.
Cheeks: Well developed.
Eyes: Medium size, more rounded or almond-shaped, with an alert and very intelligent expression. The colour varies according to the skin/coat colour in black, brown, hazel, amber or yellow tones. The color can appear to be green in the dark.Darker colours are preferred and both eyes should match. The majority of dogs having brown eyes. The eyelids should be well-pigmented black, brown or grey in dark-coloured dogs. Light-coloured or pink eyelids are tolerated in light-coloured dogs but this is not a desirable colour. The dark color can appear to glow green.
Ears: the ears are small and thin, erect and triangular in shape, expressive either hairless or covered in short dark hair. They are held erect. In the alert position their axis should be 50 to 80 degrees from horizontal. Both ears should be in the same position, when alert. Ears should not cover more than 0,25% of the total facial area. Shaped like a dry leaf.
NECK: The neck is muscular, strong, thick and powerful. Proportionately short. The skin on the neck is firm, elastic and close-fitting, without dewlap. Puppies show folds which disappear with age.

Strongly built.
Topline: Perfectly straight and level or slightly convex.
Back: strong and firm.
Loin: Strong and muscular.
Croup: Profile should be slightly convex with an inclination of approximately 40 degrees to the horizontal.
Chest: Seen in profile it is broad and deep, descending to the elbows. The ribs are well sprung, not exaggerated, nor flat. Seen from the front the upper chest is of good breadth.
Underline and belly: Abdomen tucked up.

Set on thick, tapering tail , shape of a " bamboo shoot " or " sword ". Root of the tail from the anus (anus required to be large and prominent) , the tail is almost vertical to the body line, just before attack the tail curves slightly. Tail - length of body ratio:1:3. Ogata straiht tail cannot bend or curve forward.

Strong bone
Shoulder: Flat and muscled with good scapula-humeral angulation which forms an inverted trapezoide
Elbow: Strong and firm. They fit close to the chest, never turned outwards.
Forearm: Forelegs seen from the front are straight and perpendicular to the ground.
Metacarpus (Pastern): Firm and almost perpendicular.
Forefeet: The forefeet are rounded and tightly closed, compact, arched toes. Toenails are black in dark-coloured dogs, and lighter in bronze or blond dogs. The nails should be trimmed. The foot pads are strong and very resistant to any terrain.
feet round, compact circular arched toes , toenails short and stubby.
General appearance: The hindquarters should be strong and well-muscled. Seen from behind they are perfectly straight and parallel and never close. The angle of the pelvis to the upper thigh joint, stifle and hock, are adequately open to permit both free and strong movement of the legs.
Thigh: Well-muscled.
Stifle (Knee): With a moderate bend.
Hind feet: As forefeet.

The dog should move freely covering a lot of ground with foreleg; the trot is quick and flowing with head and tail carried high. Hindquarters with free and strong movement.Smooth, light movement, full of energy and supple.

Wrinkles are slender dark and compact wrinkles in the shape of the Chinese words for - river, one, medium.

The hair should be hard and short, skin often visible through the thin layer of the coat. Denser hair on neck, body and limbs. The hair lies close to the skin.
Colour is a reddish brown, dark brown , brown , black, white , yellow hay . Red to brown the most sought after and thus top grade , black, white scarce, small patch of white hair on chest permissable , preferably as little as possible.

There are three sizes for males as well as females.
Standard dog: male : height 45cm-55cm,
Intermediate dog: height35cm-45cm
Small dog: height 30cm-35cm.

Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree and its effect upon the health and welfare of the dog.
* Very broad head.
* Slack, loose or wrinkled skin in adult dogs.
* Loose, slack or wrinkled skin on the neck in adult dogs.
* Excessive dewlap.
* Light coloured, round or protruding eyes.
* Sunken (lordosis) or arched (xifosis) back.
* Steep croup.
* Excessively cow hocked.
* Tail tightly curled over the back.
* Short tail.
* Flat feet.

1. Lower incisors exposed when mouth is closed. Undershot more than 5mm.
2. No flowers on tongue.
3. The eyes too sharply convex.
4. Thick ear, large, droopy ears and larger then the permitted ration of the whole face, 1:4.
5. Tongue exposed when mouth closed.
6. More than 1/5 white on chest.
7. Swayback:
8. Tail curved to sickle tail, hook tail of fire.
9 , Duck -shaped feet with spread toes, hind toes spread.
10. Short forelimbs.
11. Weak back:
12. Male testes or unilateral cryptorchidism.

* Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.
* Only functionally and clinically healthy dogs, with breed typical conformation should be used for breeding.

Chinese Chongqing Dog

CDP Dogs

Our foundation dogs have been carefully selected and entrusted to us from among the best dogs exported directly from the Chongqing Dog Conservation Center in China, and imported as the foundation of the Chongqing Dog Project - the first breeding program to establish the Chongqing Dog breed within the US.


Dudan, Black Chongqing Dog Male, Medium Size

Dudan means "Very Special", and this dog is indeed a very special addition to our program. He is conformationally correct, muscular, and solid, with the confidence and attitude of a big dog packed into a compact body.


Caimi, Red Chongqing Dog Female, Meduim Size

The name Caimi translates into "Rich". She was the first Chongqing Dog we selected - after viewing many for over a year - to bring to the US as the foundation of our breeding program here. We do feel richly blessed to have the opportunity to have her as part of our program.


Tiaohu, Red Chongqing Dog Female, Meduim Size

Tiaohu lives up to her name - meaning "Leaping Tiger" - with a fiery temperament and explosive drive!

Puppies Available!

Chongqing Dog  Puppies Available For Sale

Now accepting Reservaitons/Depsoits for Chongqing Puppies available for sale (Spring/Summer 2018)! Contact us for details.

Chongqing Dog  Puppies Available For Sale

Puppies Available!

Chongqing Dog  Puppies Available For Sale

Now accepting Reservaitons/Depsoits for Chongqing Puppies available for sale (Spring/Summer 2018)! Contact us for details.

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